Spirit Ape is a production team that specializes in the financing, production and development for independent film.

Production philosophy: We believe in keeping production modalities agile and cost-efficient.

Boundary-pushing content: We look for films that expose unique corners of existence and objectively take risks to explore cultural psychology. We often identify with subversive themes, moral ambiguity, the grey areas of social structures and unapologetic investigation into the foibles of human nature.

Forward-thinking financing: We are building a new model of independent film financing, development and production for today’s flooded digital world.

Shadow of a Gun


An exploration of gun ownership in America and the effect it can have on a rapidly evolving friendship between two neighbors.

Super Heady


A man transports 14 cases of factory rejected beer across country to sell at a Phish concert in Colorado.




Harvey sleeps through a school shooting and vicariously experiences the trauma and catharsis over the phone from his dorm room.