Tom is a working class intellectual stoner and gun enthusiast. He works a day job and lets off steam after work by building guns in his garage. His workbench is his sanctuary, his escape from the problems of the world and his solitary meditation.

Jason lives alone in one of his parents' properties and spends his days trying to cure boredom, often by exploring the lives of others through media and pushing social boundaries with divisive behavior.

When Jason crashes his drone into a neighboring yard, he meets Tom. Jason shows interest in Tom's life, so Tom shows him his workshop. Tom's passion for building guns quickly becomes contagious, and Jason decides he wants to build his own...

Shadow of a Gun traces the beginning of this new friendship; a means through which they explore the foibles of routine, isolation and their place in the world.


Project Status: Completed



Dominic Pino as Tom

Micah Van Hove director/producer

Jeffrey Reeser producer / editor 

Sam Gall 2nd assistant director / co-producer


Jake King as Jason

Joe Marine director of photography


Shereen Younes 1st assistant director / co-producer